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7236Re: [classicrv] Weak Magic Chef stove

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  • fgwva
    Nov 5 5:15 PM
      Well I guess everyone took my opinion the wrong way..... Again I am sorry..... PLEASE don't empty you holding tanks on me when I am at the same camp grounds as you are! I in too much S___ now!!!!

      I will stay away from GAS cook tops/oven questions in the future and stick with microwave ovens, or how to sweep the floors (hehe).

      Guess this cuts me out of asking about my frig problems I am having. Yes I did work on appliances, but none that are used in campers, (water/ammonia).

      Have a great one!
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      From: Eryn Huntington
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      Sent: Sunday, November 04, 2001 8:55 PM
      Subject: Re: [classicrv] Weak Magic Chef stove

      fgwva wrote:
      > A good test for you Tom... stick you butt over the flame on your
      > camper stove...

      All right. That's about enough. While I appreciate all the great ideas
      and advice about the stove (truly!), rudeness is not required. Let's
      keep these conversations civilized. It really sucks to open up the old
      inbox expecting some useful, friendly, or interesting email and get
      sprayed with vitriol. Find a bar if you want to brawl.

      Thank you for all the great ideas. I've got several things to try. I
      appreciate it.

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