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7212Re: [classicrv] Weak Magic Chef stove

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  • Rob Sandera at Webatola
    Nov 4, 2001
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      eryn@... wrote:
      > My husband and I bought a 1965 Traveleze trailer in nearly mint
      > condition this summer and are very happy. I have noticed, however,
      > that the original Magic Chef is weak compared to my Coleman propane
      > camping stove. It's like the burners on the Magic Chef only go up to
      > medium high and it takes forever to perc coffee, etc. The oven seems
      > to work just fine.
      > Any thoughts?
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      Your oven would hold the heat so it may appear like its fine cause once
      its warmed up its not hard to maintain the heat, but what could be the
      problem is a weak or stuck fuel pressure regulator from the tank. If
      there’s a problem with the regulator you wont get any heat or enough
      heat. I’m not sure how they work on stoves but on furnaces a furnace
      man sets the furnace valve gas control with a manometer so maybe its
      possible it can be checked the same way. I believe what they are doing
      is setting the low pressure to the burner from the gas valve. They
      often do this after a fuel conversion gas to propane etc. Also the age
      of your unit (1965) are you comparing to a new Coleman unit as many
      changes have came about in gas appliances for efficiency and safety and
      that could be part of the difference also. Hope it helps. I would call
      a furnace guy or appliance shop that repairs stoves. Magic Chef may be
      able to help you to possibly they have a burner upgrade.
      Rob Sandera
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