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  • Don (MI)
    Sep 3, 2001
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      Converting an engine from leaded to unleaded fuel requires replacing
      the valves and valve seats. Running a leaded fuel engine on unleaded
      fuel will eventually cause the valves and/or the valve seats to burn
      and the engine will lose compression. How long will this take?
      Don't know. I suppose it depends on how hard the vehicle is
      driven. Bottom line is the valves/seats will eventually need to be
      replaced, the question is when, now or later.

      If I was going to do a major restoration with the thought of keeping
      and using the rig for many years, I think I would do it now while the
      rest of the restoration is taking place. However, if this rig was a
      first step into the RV world to see how or if I will enjoy it, and
      the engine seems to run ok on unleaded, I would use it as is for at
      least the rest of the year. This would postpone the investment
      until I knew if I liked Rving and if this rig will suit me and my
      family. Worst case scenario, the valves/seats give out and need to
      be replaced. Best case scenario, you'll get several years out of
      the rig as is.

      Keep us posted on how it goes.

      Don (MI)
      It's never too late to have a happy childhood!

      --- In classicrv@y..., tony12550@y... wrote:
      > I have been reading some of the other Boondocking groups. And I
      > I caught the RV bug. This is the Question I came across an old RV
      > midd 60s 24 foot The only name on the side is [sightseer}. It has
      > 318 dodge (44000 miles) and 3 speed auto. The rig is fiberglass on
      > very heavy fram (very little rust) with tandom wheels. In General
      > is in pretty good shape. The gas ref was replaced with a ac- dc one
      > the water heater looks shot.
      > My bigest concen is was this eng was meant to be run on leaded gas
      > and what do I do about it. Any othe information would be of great
      > help . The asking price is less than a grand so I have some mony to
      > play with. Thanks in advance.
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