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  • tony12550@yahoo.com
    Sep 1, 2001
      I have been reading some of the other Boondocking groups. And I think
      I caught the RV bug. This is the Question I came across an old RV
      midd 60s 24 foot The only name on the side is [sightseer}. It has a
      318 dodge (44000 miles) and 3 speed auto. The rig is fiberglass on a
      very heavy fram (very little rust) with tandom wheels. In General it
      is in pretty good shape. The gas ref was replaced with a ac- dc one
      the water heater looks shot.
      My bigest concen is was this eng was meant to be run on leaded gas
      and what do I do about it. Any othe information would be of great
      help . The asking price is less than a grand so I have some mony to
      play with. Thanks in advance.
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