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6418Re: [classicrv] 84 Itasca Sunflyer

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  • mike_w@prodigy.net
    Aug 1, 2001
      Sounds like your MH maybe equipped with hot water heat. I had a Beach Craft
      motorhome with this option.
      While your on the road your engine coolant can be routed through small
      radiators within the coach to heat
      the coach without having to lite the furnace. Mine had electric fans
      behind the radiators to move the heat.
      It also would heat the water in the hot water tank so you could have hot
      water on the road. A pretty cool feature.

      Mike W.
      Latrobe, Pa

      @... To: classicrv@yahoogroups.com
      07/31/01 Subject: [classicrv] 84 Itasca Sunflyer
      11:32 PM
      respond to

      Hi all! We recently bought this 27' MH. I'm sure we will have many
      questions as we did not get an owner's manual with it. We ordered a
      manual from a dealer but it does not cover everything. Does anyone
      know what the "thing" is in the rear under the bed. Hubby says it
      looks like a small radiator. It appears to be wired up and there are
      2 knobs that come through the side of the bed. One has a line painted
      on it and the other appears to be a thermostat. Any ideas, anyone?

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