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  • david gorton
    Jun 1, 2001
      to all who go sucked into the hoax.

      How to repair damage from a hoax

      SULFNBK.EXE, a utility shipped as part of the Windows 98 operating
      that allows users to restore long file names, and now the victim of a
      virus warning. The hoax message urges users to search their systems
      for the
      presence of SULFNBK.EXE and, if found, delete it. Of course, it's a
      legitimate Win98 operating system file, so anyone running Windows 98
      find it. And many, it seems, have deleted it. Following are the steps
      take to restore SULFNBK.EXE from your Windows 98 operating system CD.
      will want to have your Windows 98 operating CD in the CD-ROM drive
      bay. If
      the program autoruns (launches), just click Exit.

      Windows 98 includes a handy tool known as the System File Checker
      which can
      be used to restore damaged or deleted files. To open SFC, click
      "Start" |
      "Run" and type "SFC" without the quotes. Click "OK". System File
      will launch a dialogue box with two choices. Choose "Extract one file
      installation disk".
      In the "Specify the system file you would like to restore" box, type
      "sulfnbk.exe" (without the quotes). Click "Start".
      You will be prompted to specify the location that contains the file
      you want
      to extract and the destination directory for that file. You will need
      input the "Restore from" location and the "Save file in" location.
      "Restore from" will be the win98 folder on your Windows 98 operating
      CD. It is easiest and most accurate to use the "Browse" button to
      locate and
      select the folder. The "Save file in" destination folder is the
      directory and Command subdirectory. For example,
      When both boxes have been filled in, click OK. You should receive a
      stating "The file has been successfully extracted". Click OK and close
      remaining SFC dialog boxes.
      One final note, if you're one of the unfortunate who purchased a
      that comes with the notorious "Restore CD" only, you probably will not
      able to use that CD to restore the file (or install new hardware, or
      update/replace drivers, or do much of anything except restore your
      system to
      factory defaults). Contact your computer vendor and ask them to send
      you a
      true copy of the Windows 98 operating system that you purchased with
      system. Oh... and good luck getting them to send it.

      Virus Hoax Information Page: http://www.stockhelp.net/virus.html

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