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39188Re: [classicrv] New to this group--happy to have found it!

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  • Todd Barnard
    Aug 25, 2014
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      Mary Lou, its sounds like you have a short or a bad breaker.  I think the pinging is an automatically resetting breaker engaging and dis-engaging inside the converter.  Whens it engaged, then you have power, when it trips, you do not.

      Do you have 12 volts from the battery going to lights and koolatron when you are not connected to shore power?

      I'm trying to remember what the B-W's looked like, its been a while.

      Things to look for:

      Check for a properly connected RV Battery, White is always negative on the RV side of things...positive can be any other colour, usually black at the battery.

      Pull all the 12 volt fuses from the panel and see if the problem goes away.

      If it does, replace them on at a time until it comes back.  This will narrow your search to one circuit.

      Also, if you have chassis or panel mounted fuse holders (Black plastic turn knob to remove fuse) make sure none of them are broken or cracked, I have seen them cause a dead short to the panel they are mounted in.

      If you decide to venture inside the converter, disconnect the battery and shore power first.

      The transformers are often mounted to the front panel with very short wires, and they tend not to make it easy to move the assembly to a position where it can rest without shorting it to a ground. 

      Take care, Todd.

      On Sun, Aug 24, 2014 at 3:08 PM, Mary Lou Logsdon logsdon.marylou@... [classicrv] <classicrv@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hi all
      My spouse and I just bought a 1964 Coachman RV on a Ford van chassis with 44,000 miles. It is a real sweetie that we call "The Buggy".

      We made our second trip this weekend and heard a pinging or beeping sound from the power center when we plugged it in. The power center is a series number 6300, 25 amp, by B-W Manufacturers, Inc. The beeping comes every 3-4 seconds, continuously. I think it may be cutting off the electricity to the 12 volt users or the battery because it sounds like the Koolatron is cutting out and restarting at about the same time.

      Any suggestions as to what to do or research would be a great help!
      Mary Lou

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