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39143RE: [classicrv] Re: Oh, PHOOEY! Help! Polybutylene! AAHHHH!

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  • Mike VanPelt
    Jul 7, 2014

      Well, the solvent didn’t weld.  Makes sense now, polyBUTYLene isn’t polyPROPYLene . . . Live and learn.


      I was able to find a “semi”-retired plumber working at our local Menard’s (big box DIY store).  He had nothing good to say about the PB.  He recommended “quickconnects” that seem to be a lot like the gator or sharkbite – AND they are specifically rated for PB piping.  No tools – literally just push the tube into the hole until it bottoms out and clicks twice.  It is removable, too.  You can go from PB to copper, iron/brass, or CPVC depending upon what you want to do.  They even have specific inline shutoff valves, so I now have shutoffs.


      Can’t believe it was that easy – I was figuring I’d have to kluge up some kind of bayonet/hose clamp thing.  So far, no leaks . . . two days running, temp and pressure holding.  The only gripe I’ve got about this water heater is it’s only 2.5 gallons – but that’s enough to do dishes, or take an “RV” shower.  Seems to have about a 10-15 minute cycle time, and we’ve got COLD ground water and the heated water can actually be too hot for a shower, unmixed.


      Thanks, Kenn & David and everyone else – I wouldn’t have thought to look for something like these.



      Cindy & Mike VanPelt

      - Libby, Darcy, & Lucy

      Milwaukee, WI, USA

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