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39142Re: Oh, PHOOEY! Help! Polybutylene! AAHHHH!

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  • red2dog45
    Jul 7, 2014
      If you do have polybutylene pipe it is not going to attach to another plastic fitting by using a solvent glue. Relative of polyethylene and polypropylene. Compression fittings, barbs with clamps, or welding. What do the other connections look like? If they are a glued slip connection, it is not polybutylene.


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      OK.  To recapitulate:
      I've got water in to the trailer, down to 35-40 PSI.  Everything's held for several weeks, cold water use only.  Pulled the old Atwood water heater out today.
      Put in an on-demand water-heater.  Worked just fine for washups, dishes, and CINDY's shower anyway.  BTW - here it is http://www.midlandhardware.com/845667.html?gclid=CM_Rka_Tr78CFQIIaQod3XgAdA .
      Right before MYshower, though, we popped a fitting - this http://www.farmandfleet.com/products/802779-genova-1-2-cpvc-mip-adapter.html .  The cement failed on the old-fashioned polybutylene pipe that I was assured the Oatey "everything" cement would fit to the fitting I used.  Good thing I included a hand valve right by the new heater.
      Is there a way to cement the CPVC adapter directly to the old Polybutylene? If not, what can I use to make a connection?  Is there a bayonet that I need to use instead?  Ideally, I want to come to a 1/2" braided faucet connector. 
      Cindy & Mike VanPelt
       - Libby, Darcy, & Lucy
      Milwaukee, WI , USA

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