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39132Re: Tubed tyres on tubeless rims.

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  • red2dog45
    Jun 12, 2014
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      Tube type Radials? Don't think you can even buy those in the USA. The general opinion is that the radial sidewall flexes more than the stiffer bias-ply type, so there is more friction when using a tube. You can get radial rated tubes, which I believe are thicker. If you look at online tire sellers here for that duty almost all are tubeless radials, with some bias- ply (likely also tubeless). Even small things like wagons and lawn tractors are tubeless here. 


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      I have a 92 Brave, it has 7.50 R16 tyres. The spare had a date code Feb 94, as we have a 2000 ml trip next week, time to change it. In the UK, tubeless that size are very rare. It had 6 new tyres 6000 mls ago and can't mix 245 85 16. I was told not to use tubed tyres on tubeless rims by several tyre companies as it was dangerous. I bought 2 tubed tyres and got a call from them asking me not to fit them. Upon removal the spare that looked great, was shredded inside. Could not find a tubeless with correct load rating so have fitted tube type with an inner tube. Is that a problem? A friend's son works for a tyre co and even there opinion is decided! Many thank.
      Bristol UK

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