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  • Wesley Furr
    Oct 12, 2013
      I'm actually already only carrying liability-only on it....and I'm not as worried about hurting it myself as someone else doing something stupid.  After a year or two of depreciation of that new paint, I wouldn't care quite as much either.  I love the old van and prefer it in many ways to the newer ones...and also have an extra newer vehicle around whenever there are problems with our other vehicles.  It's also kinda fun to drive something that is less common, especially if it's in good condition...which I can't say about mine in its present condition.  One side the paint is peeling back to the primer, the other side, the clearcoat is coming off.  It's already gone off the hood.  The only dent on it is a minor one my wife applied to the rear liftgate years ago...  I would like to have a half-classic (yeah, it's a "only" a modern 21-year old minivan) in very nice condition...as time goes by, it will certainly become a little more interesting at least.  Common vehicles from the 70's and even 80's are becoming less and less common on the road these days.
      As for the carport, you are right...but the point being, let's say the deductible is $1000 (don't know what it is)...if replacement cost is $1700, then logically I've been paying for insurance, it's there to use, right?  So I file the claim and they pay $700 (all this being overly simplified of course)...problem is, I now have a mark on my account and they're liable to raise my rates, more likely to cancel coverage, etc, etc...they pretty much said without saying it that I shouldn't file a claim for a small amount like that...just seems wrong.

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      Some of it is sort of random with the adjuster, but I've also had things go the other way--they gave me over $500 for a piece of trim I was able to find used for $100, for example, and my dad got $3k for 5 square feet of damage to a door and quarter panel that he got back to "20 footer" condition in two afternoons with $100 worth of bondo and spraypaint.

      But adding a $3000 paint job to a 200,000 mile minivan is not going to increase its value by anywhere near that amount, and no insurance company is going to pay you what you paid for it, especially after the paint job has had a year or two to depreciate.  Your best move might be to drop the collision and comprehensive coverage, save the difference in premiums towards a replacement vehicle, then be extra careful to avoid damage anyway.

      If your carport blew over in a storm, that would be covered on your homeowner's policy.  These days, deductibles are pretty high.  You would probably end up eating the whole claim unless the storm caused additional damage.
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