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38830RE: Painting fiberglass?

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  • red2dog45
    Sep 1, 2013
      Would like to repair/replace the fiberglass front window cover in my 1976 Terry trailer. The outer side is very deteriorated, with the glass strands sticking out 3/4". Thought of just replacing the fiberglass panel, but it it is sandwiched between two aluminum frames pressed together with no way to separate them. Any ideas? --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, <cloudnine233@...> wrote: Painting fiberglass is EASY!


      I have painted many boats with one part paints - easier to repair an almost
      all of the longevity of the two parts. "Tip and Roll" method

      Fair the area with West Systems - sanded up to 220 slick, then primer (sand)
      and paint (couple of coats)

      - Use all products from the same manufacturer - thinners, etc - I use

      You can put a finish on a boat that will last 10 years in FL sun and survive
      hurricanes. as well as touch up with a small brush if needed. and shave in


      Angel & Stu


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      Check out marine grade polyurethane paints - many of them are formulated for
      repainting fiberglass boats and some can be applied using a foam roller. If
      hubby has painting experience, he should be able to get a pretty decent job.
      As with all paint projects, preparation is the most important part of the

      Here is one reference, but a goggle seach will reveal more info:

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