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38825Re: Painting fiberglass?

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  • happytravelmaster
    Aug 22, 2013
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      I had very good luck with 2-part epoxy marine resin paint. Had an old boat
      that had patched holes, and gelcoat finish was shot. 1. The marine paint
      was applied with a small sponge roller as the "color" coat. 2. Followed
      with 2 coats of clear epoxy with a sponge roller. 3. Followed by Poli-Glow
      boat finish to give it a shine and protect from UV rays. Of course any
      surface imperfections like "fiber-grain" and repairs do show.

      It was easy but an old Southwind would be much larger area than a runabout
      boat hull and front deck, especially with a 3 inch sponge roller. If the
      sidewalls are corrugated, that would be much more difficult with a roller
      than the flat finish of a boat hull. Even the cheapest air sprayer would
      be faster, but require a lot of masking.

      Considering that people are paying $15K for "full-body" paint jobs on new
      large Class A units, this DIY investment would be worthwhile for a 1983 that
      you do not expect to be a "show" vehicle at a Tin Can Tourists rally!

      Jim Hamilton

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