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38687Re: 1978 Holiday Rambler - Econoline chassis

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  • RogerD
    Jun 20, 2013
      Bill - Saw a statement from a Johnson Controls person on another RV forum that their battery manufacturing specifications did vary by customer, but they will not give details. That may be reflected by retail price, but you don't always know. EverStart Maxx at Walmart compares to DieHard Gold, with only about a $15 price difference.

      Worst offender for overpricing is Interstate no matter where they are sold. They really stick it to you in more remote places where you can't get other top brands. Especially on things like lawn tractor batteries which are double the price of Walmart. Same specs - same manufacturer. The warranties on these are poor because people kill them by not maintaining charge in the off season...much like Marine and RV batteries.

      --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, Bill Miller <mainiac1946@...> wrote:
      > Actually Jack, you are partially correct.Die Hard batteries are made by Johnson Controls. The same people make 80% of all the batteries. They make batteries for Wal-Mart  right alongside of the Die Hard made for SEARS.
      > mainiac bill
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      > From: orioneer <JosephusMinimus@...>
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      > Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 9:15 AM
      > Subject: [classicrv] Re: 1978 Holiday Rambler - Econoline chassis
      > Bill - Unless they've changed what they do, DIE HARD uses the same
      > plates and separaters in the cells as all the other medium-to-high
      > priced batteries. Probably the internal components are all manufactured
      > in the same factory in China or somewhere, sold to all the battery
      > manufacturing plants of all brands, same components.
      > All DIE HARD did to make the batteries hotter was lower the PH of the
      > acid, giving it further to go before it loses everything.
      > The only problem was the lower PH reduces the life of the plates more
      > quickly than happens with a higher PH. Lowering the PH without
      > thickening the plates equals plates eaten from zero-to-sixty a lot
      > sooner than a person might wish.
      > Just saying. Jack
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