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38647Re: [classicrv] 1976 pawnee

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  • JerryK
    Jun 4, 2013
      If it inputs 12 volts DC and outputs 120 Volts it is normally referred to as an inverter.  It is used to power 120 volt items in your RV from the 12 volt battery pack when you are not plugged in to shorepower.

      If it inputs 120 volt AC and outputs 12 volts DC it is normally referred to as a convertor.  It is used to charge your battery pack and power 12 volt items in your RV when you are plugged into shorepower and it is turned on. 

      I would suggest searching Google with the manufacturer's name and the model number and you might find an owners manual.  You might even find one on Ebay.


      From: corby g <cguillett@...>
      To: classicrv@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 1:58 PM
      Subject: [classicrv] 1976 pawnee

      Took the Pawnee for a weekend adventure..A little trouble to start didnt want to stay running, was putting sea foam and carb cleaner and staight gas in carb to get started. Figured on nice ride would clean it out, seemed to work, put over 100 miles on with multiple stops and an overnight and fired up just fine. Maybe just some old gas and the carb needing to get worked and loosened up. One thing I noticed on the rv was the interior lights in the camper and sleeping area seem to run off engine battery and the rv water pump runs off the back battery and the wall plugs only work when plugged in. Is that right? And what does my inverter do(Converter Systems INC) model CS-840 serial no 3430 part no600-20-056 input current 60 amps ac input voltage 120 volts ac output current 40 amps-DC
      outbuts voltage 12.6 volts DC. What does inverter run and is there a manual for it?

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