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38638'76 GMC won't start after winter

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  • skatingtoolman
    Jun 1, 2013
      I purchased a '76 GMC RV last year and the starter always engaged prior to putting it up for the winter. I winterized my RV for the winter. All was fine. I took the engine battery out and kept it on a trickle charge. The battery is fully charged. The shore battery to run all of the other electrical items appears to have been dead for quite some time, so I simply removed it.
      My question is:
      -Is the shore battery (probably calling it the wrong thing) required in order to start the engine?

      I know that the engine battery is good, because all of the normal electrical items like radio, lights and wipers work when running off of it. I even tried jumping the battery, but still no noise from the starter.

      Are the starters in these known to go bad if not used for 6 months?
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