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38407Re: Lets talk about overheating problems

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  • James Hamilton
    Feb 14, 2013
      Suggestions for overheating from experience because I previously had a 1972
      Brougham Class C with a Dodge 440. Had all of the same problems with carb,
      cracked manifolds, overheating that you have mentioned. A junk-yard visit
      yielded two metal electric fans from a Honda Civic that would fit behind the
      grill and in front of AC condenser, oil cooler, and radiator. Used manual
      on/off switch on the dash during summer heat. That solved most of the
      overheat problem.

      Also purchased an in-line "booster" air-blower from Home Depot. This was
      designed to mount inside the 6 inch standard furnace duct to increase
      air-flow to a distant heating register. Unit was powered by a transformer
      that plugged into the wall and turned 115 volts AC to 12 volts DC. Hooked
      this booster up to 12 volt motorhome system and mounted behind grill under
      headlight to push more air into the engine compartment. Worked so well on
      one side, I added another later so both manifolds received blast of fresh
      air moving over them, even at low speed driving.

      I remember also reversing the lid of the air cleaner to be upside down, with
      ring of black vacuum line hose to make a seal between the paper air filter
      and the metal lid. This improved the carb air flow because it could suck
      air 360 degrees around rather than thru the 3 inch corrugated black tube
      provided by Dodge.

      Jim Hamilton

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