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38370RE: [classicrv] Re: thoughts needed on furnace issue

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  • Rob
    Feb 9, 2013
      If you open the bleed valve the tank should have the correct amount
      when the liquid starts to come out... if the bleed valve doesn't work
      you should fix/replace it.

      The only time a scale might be better than a gallon meter is IF the
      tank is not empty and IF the bleed valve doesn't work. Other than
      that you watch the bleed valve & the gauge/scale, if you put 5
      gallons in a tank that is supposed to hold 4 you have a problem.


      At 2/8/2013 08:33 PM,Wesley Furr wrote:
      >Wow...that is impressive. Idiocy knows no bounds! :-) I guess that is
      >another reason for me to keep going to a local RV place that fills the tank
      >by putting it on a scale. Of course they will still fill the old style
      >tanks too, so I guess a scale is a must!
      >-----Original Message-----
      >I do know the regulator has not been right since some ditz overfilled my
      >tanks. And my tanks have the over fill protection but he managed to
      >overfill em anyway.
      >ended up with liquid propane in my regulator. Probably froze the diaphragm.
      >I had to bleed off the tanks my self. Vented for quite a bit before liquid
      >stopped coming out. that was a few years ago. Had em used up and refilled
      >since. They are mostly empty now and ready for a new filling. may fill em
      >before i put the new regulator on just in case I bump into another ditz.
      >When I get around to installing the new regulator. I will drain the lines
      >(Flex hoses) as well. Gotta wait for a nice warm day to do that.
      >been to cold for it lately.
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