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38318Re: [classicrv] thoughts needed on furnace issue

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  • Todd Barnard
    Feb 4, 2013
      Hi Rob, is it a 659 series Doutherm? Pilot or electronic ignition?

      I loved the 659s...they were a pain in the ass to work on, however,
      changing a motor is not the hardest of tricks.

      You can email directly if you like.

      On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 11:17 AM, Sirrobyn0 <sirrobyn0@...> wrote:

      > **
      > With my late winter camping trip coming up about a month from now I went
      > out to the old rv over this weekend and discovered that the furnace is
      > acting up I was hoping to get some thoughts from you guys. My motor home is
      > 1977 dodge flair class c. The furnace is a duo therm. The problem is that
      > the blower fan has gone out it spins a little bit and makes a lot of noise
      > but doesn't really blow any air.
      > I have found a blower motor that might work for a replacement but since
      > duo therm parts haven't been made in years it is hard to say for sure until
      > I order it and it gets here will set me back about $125
      > The one thing I have never liked about the furnace is it is on the right
      > side of the rv so the exhaust dumps into the area where our add a room is.
      > Maybe now is a good time to buy a new furnace and install it on the left
      > side so it exhausts on the opposite side.
      > What I am hoping for is a little feedback here.
      > Is the old duo therm worth putting a motor in if I can find one?
      > Would I be better off in the long run to replace the furnace with a new
      > unit that would have things like electric start and no standing pilot
      > light? And would be new and reliable?
      > Would it be worth my time and energy to move the furnace to the other wall
      > to avoid exhaust emissions in the add a room area?
      > I am open to any thoughts
      > Thanks
      > Rob

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