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38137Re: [classicrv] Making an RV ready for some cold is easy

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  • Todd Barnard
    Dec 12, 2012
      I would amend this slightly, depending on winter temps.

      Blowing out the lines with air can be a problem if the plumbing has low
      points where residual water can accumulate.

      If the holding tanks are drained, there will be plenty of room for
      expansion for any remaining water.

      You should definitely pour anti-freeze down ALL traps to keep them from
      cracking...light weight plastic and little expansion room.

      The only sure fire method is to by pass the water heater, permanently or
      temporarily, and use the on board pump to pump the anti freeze thru the
      lines, Let extra thru the toilet valve, I usually open and close it at
      least twice after seeing the colour of the anti freeze. Release the check
      valve at the city water connection until you see colour as well. Don't
      forget any outdoor showers too!

      Once you are confident you have filled all the lines, run a little more
      down the traps or pour it in manually.

      You can reverse the by pass and replace drains at this point, or I prefer
      to wait until spring and run fresh water thru the lines before reversing
      the by pass to avoid pushing anti freeze into the water heater tank. This
      is not a problem, but it can produce frothy water until its all purged.

      Take care, Todd.

      On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 4:27 PM, Frank <frank.id.crown@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Water is usually what will freeze and cause some problems. Most folks
      > connect a special fitting to the water inlet and blow out any water. The
      > water pump and filter can easily be removed for the winter and low temps.
      > The holding tanks should be drained then about a gallon of anti freeze
      > solution into all the tanks. The cost is cheap. Some folks also add half a
      > gallon of anti freeze to the sinks and toilet.
      > To keep the battery in good condition a small trickle charger and a 24
      > hour time clock will do a good job. Set the time clock for on for an hour
      > and off for 2 hours. For good protection, the negative connection can be
      > disconnected. Adding some moth balls in a couple areas will keep the mice
      > away. Frank

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