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381321991 Clarion for sale in Charlotte, NC

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  • Tom K
    Nov 24, 2012
      Ever hear of a "Lesharo on Steroids"? I owned a Lesharo at the time, I heard about them on this list a few years ago and bought one for myself last year.

      Just in case you know of anyone looking for a sleek Clarion without a huge investment. I just put ours up for sale. :(

      As it's only 23' long and it can be parked in a standard parking space just like a 21' Lesharo, the Clarion is a lot wider and is very comfortable for short and long trips and very fuel efficient for motorhome standards. It's Front Wheel Drive, Ford 351, C-6 transmission, 61K miles and I get 15.5 MPG at 65 mph. Not that I did, but I hear it easily tows up to 2,000 lbs.

      I think you will find it interesting to know it is made on all sides with solid Balsa Wood sealed in fiberglass and gelcoat similar to an airplane or yacht. Only 273 ever built. I know quite a bit about them and have talked with one of the engineers who designed it.

      Why sell? We need more inventory in our new ProShop store than we need an RV right now.

      I had started and managed the Clarion owners group, long before I owned one myself while I still enjoyed my Lesharo 1 & 2. I'll likely replace it in the spring when cash flow catches up, with another one just like it. I will continue to run the Clarion owners group indefinitely.

      Please check out my for sale ad on Craigslist.
      http://charlotte.craigslist.org/rvs/3417640935.html and inside is a link there to even more photos

      If you want to see a photo of a 4x4 reverted Clarion just ask.

      Feel free to pass this email on. Thank you,

      Tom K
      1988 Lesharo (sold)
      1989 Lesharo (almost ready for sale)
      1991 Clarion
      Charlotte, NC
      Please be courteous by sending inquiries directly to me, not this group. tkoro@...
      or call / text to 80three 54eight 426four

      Tom K

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