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38131Re: [classicrv] generator surge

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  • Warren
    Nov 22, 2012
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      And this drop and return will cause a surge. I will also, for those non inverter gen sets, change the Hz as well.

      1995 Ford F-350 Centurion 7.3 power stroke diesel dually (Sam).
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      On Nov 22, 2012, at 12:25 PM, BMWslim@... wrote:

      > I would set at 60 HZ and the voltage will be set. If you don't set HZ any
      > motor that is used will be out of sink.
      > RPM's should drop when demand is called for but governor should return it
      > to the original setting.
      > In a message dated 11/22/2012 11:02:26 A.M. Central Standard Time,
      > frank.id.crown@... writes:
      > My gen set does not surge. If a gen set is in good tune and set
      > correctly there is just a very slight change in engine performance. The engines
      > that "surge" need some careful checking and setting of the engine. Engines
      > that have rpm rise and fall are not set correctly as the fuel air/fuel
      > adjustment. A bad air filter will also cause surge or hunting. Overall
      > condition of the engine is important also. The surge is not a good thing. It is
      > important for the engine to have the initial rpm set high enough to make
      > the change to a higher rpm while under load. As I understand the process,
      > the engine is set at a rpm until a load is placed upon the engine and the
      > sail is moved and the throttle linkage is moved to more fuel. The throttle
      > is at idle or advance under load. Checking the voltage is also important
      > part of setting a gen set. I usually set the voltage at 125-130 vac. High
      > voltage will not harm any equipment, but low voltage makes a rise in
      > amperage. My view. F
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