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  • Meg
    Jun 30, 2011
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      This is a reply to this thread and also a "Hi."

      I just rejoined - something I was thinking of doing anyway since my budget is allowing me to consider only older RVs. But then I got this message from Stacy Benton wanting to be my friend and saying we were both on this group (even though I left it several months ago)...

      I can smile about it now but I wasn't smiling when I first saw it. I don't do "social networking" so to get a message like this was a real surprise, and annoying too. Then when I saw the picture in it - well, let's just say "abuse@..." got a copy of that message. With the full source code. Then I sent another copy to "abuse@..." so they'd know it got past their spam filters. I was going to report abuse to Grouply too but when I researched that (I'd never heard of Grouply) I found all kinds of blog posts for years talking about spams, scams, and maybe even identity theft. I started regretting I'd even clicked the "block this address" button. Well - they already had the address...

      Anyway - here I am again. I'll do some reading before I ask anything. But I did want to share my experience.

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