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34735Re: Winter Water Use - it had to happen

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  • mcolie
    Mar 3, 2011
      A single mother friend lives in a "manufactured home" (read trailer), and her water meter was in an insulated box. Now that her daughters have moved out, she does not use enough water to keep it warm and it froze up last year.

      There is an outlet in the box, so last year I put a clamp light with a 70watt bulb in the box and she was good for the winter.

      She called in the early fall to say that it had frozen again, but the light was on.

      I went to look at the situation and . . .
      Are you ready???

      She had replace the bulb with a CFL......

      I wish I could make up stuff like this and sell it.


      --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, "BobP" <tvme33@...> wrote:
      > Thanks all.
      > I've used the light bulb trick in a couple of houses. Surprising how much heat they put off. The "let the faucets trickle" idea is also from old houses. Enough flow to help might well wash most of the salt from the gray tank.
      > I got the receptacle/ circuit issue sorted out the first morning after a few cups of coffee. It seems "someone" hung some clothes over the outlet on the other circuit. Once I found it in the bathroom the scribble on the breaker label started to look like "GFI". DUH! Live and learn.
      > I think I'll try not hooking up the fresh water and see how it goes. I can always hook it up if the jugs become a pain. The water lines are running around the perimeter and would be difficult to keep above freezing. I'd planned on a trailer with a vinyl skirt similar to the ornamental skirts we used years ago on carnival concessions to keep some of the wind out. Class C's don't look easily "skirtable". The snaps are buried in storage somewhere anyway. <grin>
      > Thanks again,
      > Bob
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