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331171975 dodge sportsman motorhome

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  • Phil
    Jan 10, 2010
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      > 1a. 1975 dodge sportsman motorhome
      >     Posted by: "lidon90" lidon90@...
      > lidon90
      >     Date: Sun Jan 3, 2010 4:21 am ((PST))
      > We recently bought a 1975 Dodge Sportsman motorhome. 
      > It ran ok when we brought it home. I took it on it's first
      > voyage to see my parents for the holidays.  It worked
      > fine until yesterday.  Now nothing happens when I turn
      > the key.  My nephew thinks it is the starter
      > solenoid.  Are there any repair manuals for these
      > things?  Where is the starter solenoid and how would I
      > know if it is the problem?  If it is where do I get
      > another?
      I had a Dodge motorhome about the same age which lost all power to the dashboard/lights/engine ect. The problem was caused by a bad connection at the ammeter in the guage cluster. The problem was caused by a cardboard spacer on the back which had disentegrated, allowing the connections to become loose. I believe what I did was make a new spacer out of similar cardboard, it took care of the problem.
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