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33112Re: 1975 dodge sportsman motorhome

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  • denisond3d3
    Jan 5, 2010
      Its also important to have a good ground connection, from the negative battery post to the engine. That cable is often pretty corroded and weak after 25 years - since it lives down where it gets covered with mud and salt.

      The starter solenoid is located on the starter, and you get a new solenoid when you get a rebuilt starter. Its pretty easy to find mopar starters rebuilt. And if you replace the starter, I think there should be a heat shield on the starter, to protect if from the radiant heat of the exhaust manifold. Its not unusual for them to be gone, due to rusting away, or just because they make re-intalling the starter somewhat more time consuming to do. It wont kill the starter if there isnt one, it will just shorten its working life; maybe 8 years instead of 20 or 25 years.
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