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33105Re: [classicrv] Re:1975 dodge sportsman motorhome

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    Jan 4, 2010
      Hi Ken,
      Some people don't have mechanical abilities and don't know how to check
      battery voltage.
      I always check for resistance between the clamp and the batter post but it
      still doesn't hurt to hive them a good cleaning every 6 months.
      Also tightness does not necessarily mean a good connection.
      I remember one time I had one that wouldn't even make a click and
      everything checked out OK.
      I then decided to remove the ground wire from the frame and needed a long
      breaker bar to bust it loose.
      I cleaned that terminal up,scraped the frame and used star lock
      washers,tightened it down and it cranked over and at night I noticed the lights were
      There are tons of good sites on the web that will walk you through most
      simple problems.

      In a message dated 1/4/2010 8:46:41 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,
      vze33jqj@... writes:

      Hi....I'm Ken in Spfld, Ma. I've got a 73 sportscoach. Try to keep your
      troubleshooting approach simple. Here's some suggestions:
      Does the battery have a juice? If no, maybe you left something on. If yes,
      then check this list out:
      1. Alot of times the battery cable(s) are the problem. Just take the
      clamps off the battery posts and clean them good with a wire brush or jack
      knife. Check your ground connection to the engine.
      2. The connection at the starter is prone to getting loose, corrosion or
      oil dripping and loses connectivity. By the way, how was the starter-nice
      and fast, or slow? They do wear out after time.
      3. Check out the suggestions from other folks. Everyone here seems pretty
      knowledgeable, mostly through experience via necessarily.
      Be sure and let us know what happens. We all learn from these posts.

      Thanks, Good luck, and Happy New Year.

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