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33097Re: [classicrv] 1975 dodge sportsman motorhome

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    Jan 3, 2010
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      Check the battery voltage.
      After sitting over night it should still read 12.2 volts
      The solenoid is on the right side fender well not far from the battery.
      Check the belt also.
      A belt may seem tight but the alternator loads up when charging and the
      belt slips while your driving.
      Books and service manuals are all over the web.
      Do a little searching.
      Amazon is a good start.

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      lidon90@... writes:

      We recently bought a 1975 Dodge Sportsman motorhome. It ran ok when we
      brought it home. I took it on it's first voyage to see my parents for the
      holidays. It worked fine until yesterday. Now nothing happens when I turn
      the key. My nephew thinks it is the starter solenoid. Are there any repair
      manuals for these things? Where is the starter solenoid and how would I
      know if it is the problem? If it is where do I get another?

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