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32898Re: Tag Axle on older motorhome

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  • namvet67a1f
    Nov 2, 2009
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      Furr-sure a tag-axle looks neat ...BUT look at all the CONS.

      The PROS ? .. additional braking and more weight capacity. But for me ... it would not be worth it.

      --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, "happytravelmaster" <jamesham@...> wrote:
      > Would like to hear pros and cons about tag-axles from group members that have experienced handling with this extra axle behind the dual-wheel-rear drive-axle. Considering purchasing a 1996 Gulfsteam Yellowstone Class C minimotorhome with a tag axle. Manufacturer put tag axle on to increase weight-capacity to 15,000 lbs to handle the slideout. But axle seems like just another 1,000 lbs of dead weight to pull around, while increasing maintenance cost due to 8 wheels on the ground. Locally, the toll road adds another charge for the extra tag axle. The tag axle seems to slide sideways around tight turns causing wear on the tires. Motorhome has Chevy 7.4L (454 ci) engine to pull this 15,000 lbs of gross weight.
      > Seems like a Ford 450 Super Duty chassis with V10 rated to haul 14,000 lbs gross weight has more power and faster acceleration without having the extra expense and weight of the tag axle.
      > Do not want to turn down a wonderfull motorhome because I am afraid of the tag axle if the axles creates no problems.
      > Happy Travel Master
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