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  • Warren
    Sep 2, 2009
      If the gasoline engine has been modified to switch, it will work just fine.

      Propane will provide a little less horses but run much much cleaner. No
      carbon build up at all. If you run exclusively on propane, the oil will not
      turn black. It will still brake down but no carbon will build up in the oil
      that makes it turn black. Might take a few oil changes after switching
      exclusively to propane to get rid of all the carbon from the gasoline. Your
      filters will last longer, the engine will last longer, Your oil still needs
      to be changed as often as it calls for but if you use synthetics, I do
      believe but am not sure that synthetics will go more miles before requiring
      it to be changed if you run exclusively on propane.
      Burning propane, Exhaust is water vapor and CO2. No Hydrocarbons at all.
      Burns clean.
      If you have to get it emission tested, Run it on propane during the test. it
      will pass with flying colors.

      Disadvantages are: not as readily available as gasoline. Less power could be
      a problem but most really don't worry about it because it is minimal. Not
      sure of the cost comparison to gasoline or the MPG difference between
      gasoline and propane.

      I would love to have an RV or vehicle that would run on either gasoline or
      propane. I would probably use propane most of the time switching only to gas
      when I can't get propane.

      Happy campin yall.
      1989 GMC R2500 HD Suburban.
      1953 Airstream Cruiser Travel trailer (The Runaway Sue)
      Western KY

      On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 7:11 AM, kdmiller003 <dmiller_nowlin@...>wrote:

      > I asked at the bottom of my post if anyone knew if Holiday Rambler offered
      > a dual fuel option of propane/gas in 1984. After doing some research I
      > discovered that they indeed did offer such an setup and my new to me HR has
      > that installed. I just don't know how or if I want to use it. There is no
      > paperwork with the MH on it. Does anyone know anything about running a
      > motorhome on propane?

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