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32625Re: Fuel pumps

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  • olehermit
    Sep 1, 2009
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      I went through the same vapor lock problems for about a year with my 1984 class-C Chevy. I also tried replacing the mechanical pump and filters but each time I hit the road in 90 plus degree weather I would wind up in the slow lane chugging along. I went to Speedwaymotors.com and bought their SPEEDWAY ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP, RED Item #: 91012801 for about $80 plus S&H. This pump delivers fuel at over a gallon a minute when needed. I mounted this electric pump between the tank and the mechanical pump and placed a rocker switch on the dash within easy reach. I only run the electric pump when needed. It is now a pleasure to drive my ole RV with what feels like another hundred horse power and no more vapor lock.
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