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31846Re: bought my 2nd classic RV

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  • Sirrobyn0
    Mar 2, 2009
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      Well, we made the 135 mile drive on Sunday down to Toledo,
      Washington I spent over an hour checking it out. All the appliances
      work A/C in the coach and cab work, Furnance works good, stove and
      oven all work. I even waited long enough to be able to start to
      feel the fridge cool down. All plumbing and electrical work good.
      Went up on the roof, which as it turned out had been redone.
      Crawled around underneath it, has new mufflers, newer transmission.
      I could not find any rot on it at all. Looked underneath everything
      inside and in the cabover area, no rot nor any mosture. Had to jump
      start but then it ran good on the test drive an stopped good as
      well. We agreed on $3,000 for a price and
      I drove it home. Ran good and the highway but a bit ruff at idle,
      it acts like one of the idle curcits in the carburetor is badly out
      of adjustment or plugged. Amp gauge shows that it is charging but
      we had to jump start it everytime I shut it off for more than about
      a minite so I think it needs a battery. I figure that before our
      first camping trip in May I'll tune it up, adjust or rebuild the
      carburetor, replace the thermostat, and flush or change all the
      fluids. One of the things that made me feel good about the rig is
      it has an oil change sticker in the windshield and it's not due yet,
      though I'm going to change it any way. So I'm pretty happy with our
      new Motorhome, it's got the same birth year as me 1978, I wonder if
      I keep her going intill I'm retired, guess we will have to see about
      that. Hey I do have one question, this is the first time I have had
      a refrigerator that is 110 volt and propane only, in the little
      travel trailer we had it had 12 VDC as well. With a 110 / gas only
      fridge how do you keep your food cold when traveling? I was always
      told that running the gas when moving was not safe and that the
      flame could go out, is that true or not.


      --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, Warren <wncol2004@...> wrote:
      > Can't help with the brand.
      > But as you know, Check every spot, corner, crevice and system
      > settling on a price.
      > Check tires and age of tires etc...Last oil change etc...
      > Otherwise, Have a great drive and hope it is something worth
      getting. :)
      > If the Flair doesn't work out, Remember, There will always be a
      next time.
      > Don't omit small vintage travel trailers from your list of
      > Just make sure you have the proper tow vehicle before you close a
      deal on a
      > trailer of any kind.
      > --
      > Warren
      > 1989 GMC R2500 HD Suburban.
      > 1953 Airstream Cruiser Travel trailer (The Runaway Sue)
      > Western KY
      > On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 9:42 PM, Sirrobyn0 <sirrobyn0@...> wrote:
      > > Well I used to post here occasionally but in the fall of 2007 I
      > > traded in my 1974 Dodge Tioga 19' for a new 10 foot...snip....
      > >
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