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31229Chevy AC questions - G30

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  • John
    Sep 1 1:13 AM
      Hi all..

      I am wondering if someone can just give me a basic run down of my
      Chevy AC electrical system?

      I have removed the heater core as it leaks badly.. Whilst the dash is
      partly off, I thought I would take a look at the seperate AC system
      as this doesn't work either lol

      I can make the AC fan work straight from a 12V power source (at 3
      different speeds), so the motor is ok. On the dash there is an off,
      1,2 and 3 position switch, and the potentiometer for the temp... I am
      guessing the van [once] had climate control? (I have never owned a
      US vehicle before)

      The back of the 3-way switch has a burnt contact, and the wire to
      this has snapped off.. reconnection causes what sounds like a relay
      to click and nothing more. (this click is also apparent when I turn
      the temp control towards 'cooler'

      I think I am asking if someone can give me the relationship between
      the two dash controls, the relay(s) and the blower? Where is the
      relay? it sounds like it's over on the right side... does the AC
      blower work even if there is a problem with the AC, ie. should you
      still get outside temp air through face vents? What about the
      compressor, what switches the clutch on?

      many thanks for any help :)

      John, England
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