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30970Re: [classicrv] Re: well i been thinking it over

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  • Billy Mason
    Aug 2, 2008
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      those prices are nto to bad.. my problem with buying them off evil bay, i
      dont know who im buying them from, or how they were treated b4 i bought
      them.. im not a trusting person whe it comes to me handing over large
      amounts of money..
      anouther way to go will be
      advance adaptors, the ake adaptors to bolt trannsmissions to motors.. so
      should be able to get one of those to fit my 440, then go to a junk yard and
      get a tranny with over drive.. personaly id rather have a stick.. im not
      sure where im going or what im going to do with mine. i do know this is not
      my last motor home, i dont like the lay out of it enough to keep it forever,
      now if it was another 15 foot or so longer i might consider it...

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      From: "Scott Williams" <swillia5@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2008 9:14 AM
      Subject: Re: [classicrv] Re: well i been thinking it over

      >A search for "Gear Vendors" will also get more. Putting this in the
      > search field:
      > (gear vendors, gear vendor, gearvendors, gearvendor)
      > will get the most hits. I see one TH400 unit for sale, who knows how
      > much it will go for.
      > Looking at completed auctions, it seems the OD units go for between $900
      > to $1500 (which may or may not include an adapter for the transmission
      > you have), and an adapter for a TH400 transmission goes for around $400.
      > Not too bad, 50% of retail or less.
      > Scott in Penfield NY
      > Tom K wrote:
      >> Just for the heck of it, I tried a search for "gear vendor" on Ebay and
      >> found many items.
      >> Tom K
      >> Charlotte, NC
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      >> From: Jon Bush Sr.
      >> To: classicrv@yahoogroups.com
      >> Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 10:18 PM
      >> Subject: [classicrv] Re: well i been thinking it over
      >> I have a gear vendor installed in an E350 long wheel base 89 Ford
      >> van, 460 EFI V8. My gear vendor is a 22% overdrive. When I was using
      >> it to tow trailers, I could use the gear vendor to 'split' the 3
      >> speed automatic transmission gears going up hills when necessary. The
      >> gear vendor replaces the stardard automatic transmission tailshaft
      >> and a new shortened drive shaft is installed. It is my understanding
      >> that used gear vendors can be modified for any vehicle for about one-
      >> third the cost of a new installation. My gear vendor installation 5
      >> years ago was about $4K.
      >> Jon
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