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  • sheinrichs2000
    Mar 4, 2008
      Scott, all of your posts have been right on! Yes, a filter - all
      diesel folks especially should carry an extra one (or two!). I have a
      1976 FMC which is a rear engined, Chrysler 440-I. I have converted
      the engine from a Thermoquad carb to Edelbrock MPI fuel injection,
      transmission from the 3 spd Chrysler to an Allison AT545 4 spd.
      Starts nice and has added power and a little better mileage.

      I will at some point be converting it to a Duramax LBZ tubo diesel (I
      have the engine in the garage). To do that I also need to switch to
      either a 5 or 6 speed Allison. The 6 speed will give me 1900 rpm at
      65 mph with the stock rear end. This is a multiyear project acquiring
      all of the needed parts (transmission, computers, wiring, etc.) and
      will probably end up costing in the $15-20,000 range. Why do it? This
      will give me the torgue (600 ftlbs) to pull 6% grades in high gear
      with my 15,000 lb coach. Is it cost effective? NO. But some things
      jsut need to be done and done correctly well. I never had a hot car
      in my youth, so I guess this is my outlet!

      Stephen H.

      --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, Scott Williams <swillia5@...> wrote:
      > So a simple clogged filter. Great news. You might consider
      finding a
      > good diesel mechanic down in Mexico and having him rebuild the
      > injectors. An engine rebuild is probably out of the question, if
      > looking at rebuilt long block prices is any indication ($15,000!!)
      > That's just too rare an engine, and not with a great reputation.
      > However, RVs run fairly low miles, and that engine is probably
      > under-stressed in an RV vs. what it was probably designed for (dump
      > truck, offshore boat, etc.) I bet with care it will last a long
      > Diesel care and feeding is different than gas. Keep the oil and
      > filters clean, and you're most of the way there, though.
      > Allison 6 speed, that's a nice one.
      > Scott in Penfield NY
      > chris tryba wrote:
      > > ... so sad a feelin from the beast she use to be...well, a fuel
      filter, some transmission fluid poured in the fuel filter, and 10
      minutes later, she was as good as new...purrrrrin like the beast she
      is!!! ew the crud that popped outta that old filter......total cost
      > > its a 6 speed allison and runs well on the open road...itll
      cruise at 75 mph @ 3500 rpms all day...
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