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29638Re: [classicrv] Turbocharging

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  • Ron Mitchell
    Mar 3, 2008
      At 10:46 AM 03/03/2008, you wrote:
      >First of all, none of the discussion about turbocharging has been very
      >relevant to diesels.

      You are correct. All of the discussion has been on turbocharging
      gas engines. I know little, except the basic theory, about diesels
      and make no claims otherwise. I've never owned one. The MacInnes book
      has one thin chapter on diesels, not too much there.
      There are, however many kits available out there for diesels.
      Parts are also available in salvage yards that deal in trucks &
      equipment. Check out Gale Banks Engineering. They make turbo kits for
      many diesels (including RV's) from Ford, Dodge, GM, etc. Most of the
      kits are for later model engines, but I'm sure many could be
      retro-fitted to older engines. They've been turbocharging diesels for
      a long time. Check this out:
      or Google for "turbocharger kits diesel" for more information.

      76 Coachmen
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