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29635Re: [classicrv] Re: REPLACING MY DIESEL

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  • chris tryba
    Mar 3, 2008
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      weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......called around. cummins rocky mountain phoenix...$122 per hour 2 hour min....fleet pride on black canyon rd "dont like workin on rvs my shops diry and i dont like gettin rvs dirty"...well after talkin with the guy at Fleet for a while on the phone...i limped my beloved Foretravel cross town. so sad a feelin from the beast she use to be...well, a fuel filter, some transmission fluid poured in the fuel filter, and 10 minutes later, she was as good as new...purrrrrin like the beast she is!!! ew the crud that popped outta that old filter......total cost $77, which obv, if i head any mechanical sense at all coulda been fixed for much less....however, alot better than the $244 i wouldve spent, min., at the cummins place. i know i have a "weak injector" as i blow a little smok...not sure how much of a benefit it would be to have it fixed cost:benefit wise...i have been told it would be better to just leave it be as long as it runs strong/ok...i like
      the idea of rebuilding the engine...not sure what that would cost...but it running new sounds so appealing!! im headed south to mexico and am thinking of getting some work done there as it will be cheaper...she is very mechanically sound...now only laking a perfect motor...and body/paint job!!!

      its a 6 speed allison and runs well on the open road...itll cruise at 75 mph @ 3500 rpms all day...except for the ocassional hill that'll slow her down. it is a front mounted motor that was originally a gas power plant..and lies on a dodge chasis...ohhh and she weighs ALOT i reckon...everythigs real wood...no press board in this house : )

      thanks to all that respounded...this is a really nice place to learn.


      Scott Williams <swillia5@...> wrote:
      The newer, the more computers involved. I'd say perhaps finding an
      older school bus, just make sure it's got a turbo. No reason to skip
      that on whatever you put in there. I'd guess that you have room to add
      anything you want, considering you've got a 555 cubic inch diesel V8 in
      there now. But you'd have to replace the Allison as well, right? Gets
      complicated in a hurry. Still, an old diesel schoolbus could be a good
      donor, if you ask me - maybe mid-to-late 1980s. Pre-computers, anyway.

      But first I'd try to figure out what's wrong with what you have.
      Perhaps a good diesel purge (run some diesel purge through the injection
      pump, this is something a lot of Mercedes people do, but I don't know
      how easy it would be to do it on another engine - you run the injector
      overflow lines back into the bottle of diesel purge, so it runs around
      and around inside the engine - use a filter on the intake side so you
      don't suck any crud back in as the stuff circulates around the system.)
      Cleans the crud out of the system, some say it is like getting a new
      engine. Have the injectors tested and maybe balanced. Does the "triple
      nickel" need to have the valves adjusted? And make sure the linkages
      are adjusted correctly, if they go out of adjustment you could be
      running on too much or too little fuel.

      Depending on the Allison you have, perhaps you're not geared for the
      open road. Many old busses were made for "in town" driving, so they
      have the 4 speed Allison and run pretty high RPMs when on the highway.

      What kind of chassis does this RV have? Was it sold originally with the
      diesel? Is it a bus conversion? Front or rear engine? How much does
      it weigh?

      Scott in Penfield

      Ed wrote:
      > I am no diesel machanic nor do I claim to know anything about them,
      > but it would seem an easy swap and probably have ample power.
      > I would suggest looking for a wrecked, newer Dodge Ambulance. The
      > bigger, and newer, the ambulance is the better. The dodge ambulance
      > ran Cummins so I bet it might be an easy swap and have all the torque
      > you need to move your motorhome. there would be more than enough power
      > for the hills and yet still get better mileage...
      > Your radiator will need to be a big one, but I bet you already have a
      > big one since you had a diesel already.
      > The trick is to find the newest one you can, because they rack up the
      > miles quick.
      > like I said no knowledge behind it...Just a suggestion
      > Ed
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