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  • Ed
    Mar 2, 2008
      I am no diesel machanic nor do I claim to know anything about them,
      but it would seem an easy swap and probably have ample power.

      I would suggest looking for a wrecked, newer Dodge Ambulance. The
      bigger, and newer, the ambulance is the better. The dodge ambulance
      ran Cummins so I bet it might be an easy swap and have all the torque
      you need to move your motorhome. there would be more than enough power
      for the hills and yet still get better mileage...

      Your radiator will need to be a big one, but I bet you already have a
      big one since you had a diesel already.

      The trick is to find the newest one you can, because they rack up the
      miles quick.

      like I said no knowledge behind it...Just a suggestion

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