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  • Phil Warner
    Nov 2, 2007
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      Cindy & Lena,

      We have an 88 TransVan and an 89 Vixen SE, both about 21 feet long and adequate for two people with all the amenities, albeit smaller in size. Both have needed a few things, but have been pretty reliable considering thy are both approaching the age of consent.

      The Vixen cost three times the TransVan, but it is low to the ground, easy to step in to, easy to park in normal spaces, and gets 19 MPG; we use it for a lot of day trips because it gets nearly the mileage of our mini-van and slightly better than the Jeep Cherokee. The TransVan gets 14 -16 MPG, is taller, can be used to tow, will hold long items like lumber in a pinch as it has a rear door, and is also easy to park.

      If you can live with the closer accommodations, I'd recommend either one for their different characteristics, and if long drives and good gas mileage are key there is a slightly older TurboDiesel Vixen version that owners claim to see 24 to 30 MPG, although it is reputed to be a little underpowered in the hills and has a roof that is raised for standing clearance and lowered for travel or for parking in a standard garage.

      $$$wise Trans Vans can be found in the $4000-$6000 range and Vixens in the $18,000 -$28,000 range depending on condition and mileage.

      Phil in Northwest Arkansas
      "Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs
      should relax and get used to the idea." - Robert A. Heinlein

      Re: question
      Posted by: "lena knighten" l_knighten@... l_knighten
      Thu Nov 1, 2007 4:02 am (PST)
      For me it was an older Class A all along. Why?, $$$$,
      Plus my 87 has a caracter all it's own. Yes there are
      minor things that previous owners did that I want
      changed/repaired my way. Face it they do have some age
      on them. As to fuel milage, I have not been around
      "newer" models. Mine gets around 6/8 MPG. My personal
      Pickup gets around 10/12. If I want "good" gas milage
      I'll take the car and stay in a motel :-(
      Check out your possible purchase closely and don't
      take the sellers advice "That's easy to fix". Good
      Luck with your search I think you will enjoy whatever
      you purchase.
      --- wpmartin55 <wpmartin55@...> wrote:

      > HI Everybody,
      > I want a motorhome and my hubby doesn't want
      > anything over 8 or maybe
      > 10 years old. So we have some questions for you.
      > When you own an older MH, do you have to spend a lot
      > of time tinkering
      > or repairing it compared to a newer one? He hates
      > to tinker and
      > doesn't have the time anyway. Of course, we know it
      > depends on the
      > condition of the MH, but just wondering if anyone
      > has really compared
      > time and money spent to keep an older one running
      > well.
      > Also, do the older MH get worse gas mileage than the
      > newer ones? I
      > recall hearing that some only got about 8 mpg as
      > they were heavier, etc.
      > And why DO you want an older MH anyway? (Don't have
      > to convince me,
      > just hubby).
      > Thanks!
      > Cindy

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