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  • timkustom68
    Nov 1, 2007

      Vintage RV's are very addicting. We got our first one, an '82 Champ Transtar on a spur of
      the moment type of thing. The only work it needed was some new tires and an exhaust
      system. It has a bit of patina on it, but it adds to the character. If I wanted a new one with
      it's features, it could have cost almost $100K!

      We got our Eldorado Starfire because we had so much fun with the Transtar, two must be
      twice the fun. Nothing has ever been made like a Starfire and that was part of it also. The
      added size will be nice also for longer trips. Mileage is the same in newer ones vs. older
      ones. I looked at a $450K Prevost that got 6mpg, then you got to park the thing!

      Most newer rigs are designed to "last" only 3-5yrs as the manufacture's research has
      found that most people trade them in that frequently. This was not the case on the older

      Most people that have them for sale either don't have time or space for them or lack the
      knowledge to do simple maintenance (newer rigs require the same maintenace, and most
      owners take them to the RV dealers for "big bucks").

      Sometimes it might be more "roughing it" with an older motorhome (aw, no DVD player
      and 42" plasma to go with it), but that shouldn't be what RVing is all about...

      My 2ยข,
      Tim K.
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