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  • Lisa Shelly
    Nov 1, 2007
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      I never thought Id want a Motor Home because of the hassle I thought they were. I love all things from the 50s & 60,s and have about 20 vintage travel trailers Ive been collecting since the early 90,s. Ive had the chance & opportunity to work on them from heaters, to lights & pluming and they are actually pretty simple. The more I did, the more I liked them. Most were in decent shape when I bought them though through the years things wear. They all had a lot of class and character as well - the day when everything wasn't plastic yet. Mine are all birch and aluminum. Very cool. Wonderful to wake up in.
      Two years ago I was driving to a friends and saw the Whale (my 71 Dodge Travco 220) on the side of the road. I pulled over & asked to see inside (it wasn't for sale) I really liked the use of space, etc and that fact that it was all fiberglass (wont rot) and eventually waited until the guy put it up for sale. I can tell you that there were some minor problems, but all & all they were an easy fix because they are not as complicated as the new ones ( less bling) I loved it so much I bought another. 68 270 Travco. I take them all over MI & have had a great time, sleep comfortably and save a lot of money on hotels, food, etc. Ive meet a ton of people who will never forget seeing the Whale come down the road and how they kinda laughed. Its in the photo section. Great for conversation - people always want to look inside & talk.
      Owning a Vintage RV for me falls into my way of life. It brings me back to the days when there was less crime, friendly people and time spent with friends & family. Makes the world around me seem not as stressful & busy.The days where phones were in the booths & houses. Call it strange, and maybe so but thats why most things I own are from that era. I guess the fact that they both get 10 mpg and I couldn't afford a new one even if I wanted to come into play. Also - in the case that you didn't know why some of the people staying in the FEMA trailers down in New Orleans were getting sick is because many of the things in newer rigs have tons of preservatives (Formaldehyde) in them. Carpet, curtains you name it. Its bad enough its in my toothpaste, & shampoo & most all other things they want to preserve. Back in the day they didn't use all that junk. Of course they did use asbestos but - hey Ill take my chances with that stuff - it was in all the old schools as well.

      Good luck. I'm sure you & your hubby will meet somewhere in the middle. Find a neighborhood guy who likes to work on things & pay him a couple of bucks to fix a few things here & there. Otherwise - but new.

      wpmartin55 <wpmartin55@...> wrote: HI Everybody,

      I want a motorhome and my hubby doesn't want anything over 8 or maybe
      10 years old. So we have some questions for you.

      When you own an older MH, do you have to spend a lot of time tinkering
      or repairing it compared to a newer one? He hates to tinker and
      doesn't have the time anyway. Of course, we know it depends on the
      condition of the MH, but just wondering if anyone has really compared
      time and money spent to keep an older one running well.

      Also, do the older MH get worse gas mileage than the newer ones? I
      recall hearing that some only got about 8 mpg as they were heavier, etc.

      And why DO you want an older MH anyway? (Don't have to convince me,
      just hubby).


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