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  • lena knighten
    Nov 1, 2007
      For me it was an older Class A all along. Why?, $$$$,
      Plus my 87 has a caracter all it's own. Yes there are
      minor things that previous owners did that I want
      changed/repaired my way. Face it they do have some age
      on them. As to fuel milage, I have not been around
      "newer" models. Mine gets around 6/8 MPG. My personal
      Pickup gets around 10/12. If I want "good" gas milage
      I'll take the car and stay in a motel :-(
      Check out your possible purchase closely and don't
      take the sellers advice "That's easy to fix". Good
      Luck with your search I think you will enjoy whatever
      you purchase.
      --- wpmartin55 <wpmartin55@...> wrote:

      > HI Everybody,
      > I want a motorhome and my hubby doesn't want
      > anything over 8 or maybe
      > 10 years old. So we have some questions for you.
      > When you own an older MH, do you have to spend a lot
      > of time tinkering
      > or repairing it compared to a newer one? He hates
      > to tinker and
      > doesn't have the time anyway. Of course, we know it
      > depends on the
      > condition of the MH, but just wondering if anyone
      > has really compared
      > time and money spent to keep an older one running
      > well.
      > Also, do the older MH get worse gas mileage than the
      > newer ones? I
      > recall hearing that some only got about 8 mpg as
      > they were heavier, etc.
      > And why DO you want an older MH anyway? (Don't have
      > to convince me,
      > just hubby).
      > Thanks!
      > Cindy

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