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27432RE: [classicrv] parking brake cable.

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  • Michael VanPelt
    May 2, 2007
      Agreed. I've lived in Wisconsin (can you say frozen tundra?) all my life &
      used the parking brake all the time - but that's the ticket, use it all the
      time or it will freeze up on you.

      The more I think about it, the more I think that Scott is right. It's
      possible that the worker bumped the brake line, but on a car that old it
      could well be just worn & a little movement (or even the wheels having the
      load taken off) was enough to cause a leak. Even if the brakes were
      serviced a few years ago, if a car sits for an extended period of time,
      things can get stiff & dry out.

      Good luck - it probably will be a bit of a bill if you don't DIY, but it's
      worth it to be safe.



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      Beg to differ, I live in Michigan (freezing weather) and have used the
      parking brake on every car I've owned, every day, and they never stick,
      freezing weather or not.

      betnden@peoplepc. <mailto:betnden%40peoplepc.com> com wrote:
      He should have also said, don't use the parking brake in cold weather. It
      will freeze and won't let go until it's thawed. Same thing with wipers.
      Don't just turn the key off, make sure they are 'parked' first, otherwise
      you are taking a chance of ripping the blades or burning up the wiper motor.

      Dennis in Eastexas
      "It's not Rocket Surgery"

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      >I remember my Dad telling me to make a decision, either use your
      >parking/emergency brake all the time or don't use it at all. Meaning: If
      >you don't use it all the time it will rust and stick/seize when you
      >eventually do use it, and cause you brakes to drag.
      > JerryK

      Ahhh...imagining that irresistible "new car" smell?
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