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27422Re: [classicrv] parking brake cable.

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  • Ron Mitchell
    May 1, 2007
      I looked everywhere and couldn't find it, new or used. I ended up
      buying the whole unit, drum, cable and all, just to get the cable. As
      it turns out, the brake shoes were shot, anyway, so it wasn't such a
      bad idea and now I have extra parts. I got it from RV Doctor George
      in Sacramento, CA. 916-927-7837 or doc@... The whole
      unit cost me $105, including shipping.

      76 Coachmem

      At 04:58 PM 05/01/2007, you wrote:

      >I went through the brake cable thing on mine because I couldn't find a
      >replacement or found one for too much money, they are expensive! I soaked,
      >pushed pulled, and it still wouldn't turn loose. I even put it in a long
      >piece of capped pvc pipe full of solvent and it still wouldn't free up. I
      >finally gave up and ordered one and it works just fine, after lots of
      >headaches. So, my advice is: Go out and get a new one!
      >Dennis in Eastexas
      >"It's not Rocket Surgery"
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      > > Damn the brake cables, before pulling it to soak it try Marval Mystery
      > > Oil, Just disconnect the highest point and flush it in (so it soaks
      > > downward) and if that doesn't work get a drive line brake drum instead of
      > > a cable, works much better!
      > > Good luck and have a great day!!!
      > >
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      > wrote:
      > > We have a 1980 Dodge Country Squire m400 and have redone the brakes
      > > ourselves. But have run into a blank wall as to the parking brake cable.
      > > It is frozen up solid and no amount of WD-40 and banging it has helped.
      > > I can't seem to find any place that supplies them including Alretta
      > > truck parts in Mass. which has just about everything else.
      > > The only thing I can think of is to completely take it off and try to
      > > soak it in penetrating oil for a week or so then see if I can loose it.
      > > But then I don't know if structurally it would still be trustworthy seeing
      > > as I can't inspect the condition of the cable as it is inside of the
      > > sheath.
      > > Any suggestions?
      > > I spent several weeks last year crawling under the frame doing the brake
      > > lines and hate the thought of going through it again but I can't keep
      > > using wheel chocks alone.
      > > thanks.

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