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26438RE: [classicrv] Another Battery Question

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  • Joel B. Chappell
    Feb 1, 2007
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      There's no difference!

      They walk amongst us...

      Joel in NH

      Joel B. Chappell
      21 Billings Street
      Milford, NH 03055

      This may sound a little odd, but it will settle and argument.

      Today I took my Class C out for it monthly exercise, and happen upon a
      friend who was broke down in a parking lot. All he really needed was a
      jump-start. The argument came when I hooked up the jumpers to my battery.
      My battery has both side posts and top posts. The Motorhome uses the side
      posts, and I clamped the cables to the top posts.

      My friend thinks I should have clamped the cables to the side posts
      because my alternator power would be there. I didn't think it would make
      any difference, and it is easier to connect the jumper cables to the top

      Blessed Be


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