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26308Re: Onan generator in 1984 Allegro

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  • J Carlisle
    Jan 1, 2007
      Happy New Year all,,
      Since generator questions came up, I have one. On a 67 Travco, I
      have an Onan, orginal that is powered from a small 4 cyl flathead
      engine. The previous owner said when he went to start it one day
      there was a loud pop from around the switch box, or just behind it
      somewhere. I have yet to track anything down that may have shorted
      out. Is there anywhere I should be looking or something I should be
      looking for? It is the 6500W model. I have removed the cover from
      the switch box where the toggle switches are and even replaced one of
      the switches but nothing.
      Thanks for any help

      --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, Richard Stratton <rstratton40@...>
      > Some thoughts to consider.
      > I repair Generators for a living and from what you are
      > saying I would have to agree with others that you have
      > a carburetor issue.
      > It is my experience that a simple "Carb cleaner"
      > treatment will not do what you want. I suspect that
      > the gen set has been left sitting for some time (more
      > than three months) with fuel in the tank and
      > carburetor and that it has deteriorated to the point
      > of creating a gummy substance in not only the float
      > bowl but also the jets and fuel passages within the
      > body of the carb. These fuel passages are only
      > slightly larger than a human hair and can clog very
      > easily. It is likely you will need to remove the carb
      > from the engine and soak it in a good carb leaning
      > solution for a few hours or more then carefully clean
      > all the passages using compressed air or a spray type
      > cleaning solution. DO NOT use any type of wire other
      > than perhaps a copper wire to clean out the passages.
      > If you find any hardened lacquer type deposits on the
      > bottom of the float bowl you can count on letting the
      > carb soak over night in a good carb cleaning solution
      > and even then it will require carefull cleaning to
      > clear all the small passages.
      > I really suggest you turn this problem over to a small
      > engine repair shop that has staff who are familiar
      > with generators as the govenor settings are very
      > critical and specific to generators as opposed to
      > other small engine applications. Not only that but
      > even the cleaning process is tricky as there are some
      > non metalic parts in the carb that should be removed
      > before using the carb cleaner. Carb cleaner and non
      > metalic parts don't get a long!
      > --- elvislopez35010 <elvislopez35010@...> wrote:
      > > Generator cranks and runs but the governor starts
      > > hunting then the
      > > motor runs rough or even back fires then goes dead.
      > > Sometimes it will
      > > run fine for ten minutes then you turn on the air
      > > conditioner the motor
      > > starts to run eratically then smooth out but will go
      > > dead shortly after
      > > that. I have tried carb cleaner and tried to adjust
      > > the carb. The Mix
      > > adjustment has no affect on runability. Can anyone
      > > help?
      > >
      > >
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