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  • Bob Woods
    Sep 24, 2006
      I few days ago we had some posts about what brand of batteries to buy,
      some posted that there is only three makers of batteries, I found this
      on a motorcycle site.

      Johnson Controls makes: Interstate, Optima, ProStart, TrueStart,
      Duralast, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Honda Eveready, Energizer, Power
      Connection, DieHard, Equalizer, Kirkland Signature, EverStart,
      Motorcraft batteries and dozens of others.

      Exide makes: Champion, Brylite, Deta, Dunlop, Dynex, Endurance, Centra,
      Fulmen, GNB, Marshall, Napa, Pacific Chloride, Marathon, Sonnenschein,
      Orbital, Stowaway, Tudor, Sprinter,Yuasa and dozens of others.

      Delphi makes: ACDelco, Amoco, Atlas, BlueStar, Delkor, Double Eagle,
      Dura-Power, Ford, Freedom, IntelleGuard, Sams Club, Shell, Western
      Auto, Advance Auto, International, Dynavolt and dozens of others.
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