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24772Re: Cruise on a "1985 Itasca Windcruiser"

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  • tarscampbell
    Jul 1 5:11 PM
      You might consider going to a wrecking yard for a compatable unit.

      Around here in the Portland Or area there are several U=Pull-It
      wrecking yards. A cruise control unit off of a 1985 ish GMC or
      Chevrolet Van or light truck may be compatable.

      I do not know for sure, but since you have GM power most of the
      cruise control unit should just bolt up.

      I have found that to be true with most of the backyard repairs I have
      made on my old 3/4tn GMC pickup, (it is now long gone, but was a
      great truck, at about 7 mpg empty at 45 mph on then cheap reg gas).

      Over time I had replaced a lot of parts from the wrecking yard.
      Never had much if any trouble getting the right part. Most of the
      people at the counter knew what would work and what would not.


      > Still can't get the cruise to work.
      > I read it is a Dana aftermarket control. They are gone, sold to
      > Winnebago is so helpful. They sent me the consol and coach wiring
      > diagrams. Only reference to the cruise the the white tach wire on
      > distributer. Wiring is all over the place. I was looking to put a
      > Audiovox CCs-100 cruise control. I'd rather fix this one.
      > Thanks
      > John Hill
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