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22462Re: A/C conversion from R12 to 134

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  • firefly19902002
    Oct 3, 2005
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      Sad to say I have had to do lots of different conversions over the
      last few years. The older R-12 requires mineral oil and the newer
      R-134 requires a Pag oil or an Ester oil. The two types of oils do not
      mix very well. The best way to convert a system is to drain any
      mineral oil out of the compressor, condensor, hoses and any other
      parts; and then measure and replace with the newer oil. All the
      o-rings in the system need to be replaced with the new R-134 type to
      prevent future leaks. In some cases the hoses have to be updated to
      the newer type of rubber. The down side to doing a proper job is that
      it is alot of work and can be very expensive. R-134 has smaller
      molicules than R-12 and will leak through some older rubber hoses. I
      have found that a proper conversion will not cool the motor home down
      as fast as R-12 but when it does it will drop the tempature down to a
      lower point.

      1979 Winnebago Cheiftian

      --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, mjwmjf@a... wrote:
      > I also want to try it on my RV but am afraid to with what happend in
      the Mercury. Someone else told me that you have to ad mineral oil to
      the hose before adding the R-134. The oil goes directly to the
      compressor keeping it lubed. It weighs too much for the R-134 to move
      it from the compressor.
      > Don't know if that's true either.
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