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22449Re: [classicrv] A/C conversion from R12 to 134

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  • Frogmobile
    Oct 1, 2005
      Twenty years ago or so, a can of R-12 would set you back less than a buck
      and a half, and during the summer a lot of auto parts stores would put it
      on sale for 99 cents. Back then, a guy I knew had a BB machine gun that
      was powered by a freon can; the pressure would cause the BBs to shoot out
      (and of course the freon would vent to the air).

      When they banned production or importation of R-12 in the early 90's, it
      was three dollars and change for a can, with another couple of buck in tax
      added on shortly afterward. The last can I bought (I have a license) was
      maybe three years ago, and it was $45/can. I tried to buy some at the auto
      parts store a month ago, and found out they don't even sell it any more.

      R-134 has gone from $3 to about $10 in the last year or two, but it will
      still be cheaper and easier to locate. It does not typically cool as well
      as the "outlaw" stuff, but I kow a few people happy with the conversion.

      My classic RV has nonfunctional dash air. I run the generator and use the
      roof air.

      At 03:48 PM 10/1/05, you wrote:
      >I got the new blower fans on last night and dropped the 1975 Titan off
      >at the A/C repair place today. They are going to service it on
      >Monday. It needs an evacuation, drier and full charge. They are
      >going to convert it to 134. I was hoping they would just keep it a
      >R12 system though. Any of you have your classic MH dash air converted
      >to 134 and how is it working?
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